How it Started

Bracelets for Boobies were created by Lisa Smith in 2010 as a way to raise money for her Making Strides Against Breast Cancer team “Down to A Ta.” Lisa’s family and friends rallied around her and helped raise $13,000 for American Cancer Society that year.

In 2011, the local ACS office asked Lisa to be the honorary chair for the 2011 event.  Again Lisa’s friends and family showed amazing teamwork and support, raising another $3,000 for MSABC!! In 2012 we raised $5,000 and in 2013 we raised $4,000!

Why is Lisa so passionate about helping the American Cancer Society?  There are many reasons, here are a few:

  • Lisa turned to ACS when she needed a biopsy.  They helped her with questions to ask her doctor.  The called the toll free number and a kind volunteer helped her find what she was looking for on the website.  The help was free.
  • When Lisa was diagnosed, ACS provided extensive research and reading materials, all at no cost.
  • Just after surgery, ACS sent a “Reach to Recovery” volunteer that brought comfort, hope, and a temporary prosthetic breast that helped her look “normal” in clothes while she healed.  Free.
  • Lisa attended a “Look Good, Feel Better” program and learned make-up and head-cover tips, safe skin care information, and received free make-up and skin care products.  FREE.
  • Lisa visited the Mastectomy supplies room at her local ACS office and received a prosthetic breast, scarves and head coverings.  FREE.
  • ACS research developed/discovered a drug used to treat her specific cancer (HER2 positive).  Without this drug, her outcome could have been the worst possible.  This alone was worth EVERYTHING…

American Cancer Society does so much to help prevent, treat, and deal with cancer.  Thanks to ACS, we’re closer than ever to finding a cure.  Please help Lisa support such a worthwhile organization.  Click here to donate online.