Making Bracelets to Fight Breast Cancer

bracelets for boobiesBracelets for Boobies

Bracelets for Boobies were created in 2010 by Lisa Smith during her treatment for breast cancer.  The bracelets were a way for her to give back to American Cancer Society for the help she received from ACS during and after treatment.

prayer angelsPrayer Angels

In 2013, a new fundraiser item was added – handmade beaded angel charms, each with a separate prayer said when it’s made (for the person who receives it).  They come in variety of colors and bead types:  glass, plastic, acrylic, wood, and metal.

We Need Your Help

  • Buy or sell bracelets and/or angels for donations – click here to request them
  • If you can take some bracelets or angels and sell them to help us raise money for MSABC, please do.