Making Bracelets to Fight Breast Cancer

bracelets for boobiesBracelets for Boobies

Bracelets for Boobies were created in 2010 by Lisa Smith during her treatment for breast cancer.  The bracelets were a way for her to give back to American Cancer Society for the help she received from ACS during and after treatment.

prayer angelsPrayer Angels

In 2013, a new fundraiser item was added – handmade beaded angel charms, each with a separate prayer said when it’s made (for the person who receives it).  They come in variety of colors and bead types:  glass, plastic, acrylic, wood, and metal.

We Need Your Help

  • Buy or sell bracelets and/or angels for donations – click here to request them
  • If you can take some bracelets or angels and sell them to help us raise money for MSABC, please do.

One thought on “Making Bracelets to Fight Breast Cancer

  1. Natalie Neidrick

    I met the creator of Bracelets for Boobies at the Emerald Conference Center’s Women Business Conference last summer/early fall. I had spoke to her about designing bracelets for my bridesmaids. My wedding is April 23, 2011. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor, but past away in July from lung cancer, and my maid of honor’s mother is currently battling ovarian cancer. I would love to wear something that day that reminds me of the strong women in my life. I will need about 10 bracelets, and if possible would like them all silver with a couple clear beads with the fleur de lis and breast cancer symbol. Please let me know if you think you can help me.

    Thank you and have a great day!
    Natalie Neidrick

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